Moldgenix is a premier plastic injection molder for the industrial sector. Leveraging years of expertise and state-of-the-art technology, our engineering team delivers custom-tailored solutions that meet the diverse needs of industrial manufacturing. We understand the importance of durability, efficiency, and innovation in industrial applications and are equipped to produce parts that meet these critical demands, from heavy machinery components to delicate instrumentation housing.

Our industrial manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Customized production: Whether it’s low-volume prototypes or high-volume runs, we adapt to your needs with precision and agility.
  • Comprehensive tooling review: Our detailed tooling assessments ensure that your components are designed for manufacturability and cost-efficiency.
  • Advanced material expertise: We work with a vast array of materials, including robust plastics and composites suitable for industrial use, ensuring that each part can withstand rigorous operational demands.
  • Integrated services: We offer a suite of services, including overmolding, insert molding, assembly, secondary operations, and final packaging, all under one roof.

Quality and Reliability at the Core

Our U.S.-based manufacturing and tooling facilities are equipped to ensure that every part we produce is robust and reliable, essential for industrial applications. We manufacture parts in a wide range of sizes, adapting to the specific requirements of industrial machinery and equipment. Our small to large machine size capabilities allow us to produce with precision, and our quality assurance protocols include rigorous inspection and testing, supported by the latest test equipment and SPC capabilities.

Ready to elevate your industrial manufacturing with components that set the standard for quality and performance? Moldgenix is where innovative solutions and dedicated service converge to propel your industrial projects forward.

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